Health Talents International

Health Talents Objectives


Through medical evangelism in Central America, HTI will nurture self-supporting and self-replicating bodies of Christ.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To preach the gospel in word and deed through medical evangelism.
  2. To train local Christians in medical evangelism: professional education, Health Promoters (HP) and Volunteer Health Promoter/Evangelist (VHP/VHE) training, evangelist training, Bible seminars, staff training and retreats, etc.
  3. To assist in the development of local Christians/health care workers for the future through the ABC and Scholarship Programs.
  4. To provide opportunities for North American Christians to use their talents in medical evangelism.
  5. To provide North American college students with a real-life medical evangelism experience through the Medical Evangelism Training (MET) program.

Programs-projects to meet the strategic objectives:

  1. Training and teaching programs; i.e. conferences, classroom teaching, retreats, seminars, etc.
  2. ABC and scholarship programs
  3. Medical, dental and surgical clinics: Guatemalan staff and North American teams.
  4. MET Program


The mission of Health Talents International is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and healing ministries.
HTI Handbook: Philosophy and Practices

Health Talents Core Values

The following core values guide the ministries of HTI:

  1. The earthly ministry of Jesus is our primary model. Medical evangelism demonstrates concern for the whole person: spiritual, social, physical, and mental.
  2. We depend on God's gracious provision. Prayer is essential to our work. We ask God to bless the work of HTI as we seek to do His will in the power and guidance provided by the Holy Spirit.
  3. The aid of North American churches is critical. North American congregations in Churches of Christ are urged to support missionaries and to be responsible for their spiritual welfare.
  4. We demonstrate Christian compassion. Christian health care is a demonstration of the gospel in deeds of compassion to accompany in parallel the verbal proclamation of the gospel. Health care provided will be of the highest quality taking into consideration the location and resources.
  5. We affirm the sanctity of all human life. All life is a gift of God; the poor, the weak and the ill have a special need for Christian compassion. We do not advocate nor do we perform abortions.
  6. Missiological expertise is crucial. Sound missiological principles as learned by experienced missionaries and taught by mission educators are followed in all projects.
  7. Partnership is valued. Ministries of HTI are conducted in ways that encourage the active participation of local Christians in all projects.
  8. Cultural norms are respected. Mission work will give due respect to local customs, traditions and cultural values when these are compatible with Christian faith.
  9. Respect for local government is of particular importance. Since we desire integrity in teaching and in health care delivery, these will be done in compliance with local laws and regulations and will be completely devoid of any political activity or bias.
  10. As a result of our work, new congregations should be nurtured to become mature and self-replicating. When possible, medical evangelism is accomplished in cooperation with the local church.

Where We Operate

The work is currently centered in Guatemala. HTI is always open to considering new projects in other Central American locations. HTI is interested in providing medical evangelism services wherever needs and opportunities exist.