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Medical Evangelism Training

Missionary Bootcamp: Am I Missionary Material?

One of Health Talents' objectives is to provide North American college students with a real-life medical evangelism experience. This is carried out mainly through our Medical Evangelism Training (MET) Program. This specialized six-week program provides short term on-site mission experience and instruction for Christians considering medical missions.

In May each year pre-med, pre-dentistry, nursing, missions and other medically or mission oriented students receive classroom instruction in language and culture, health skills, and missiology. They also receive hands-on field training, working side by side with full time medical evangelists as they carry out appropriate activities. Students help with such things as immunization campaigns, community development projects, and primary care mobile clinics in remote Mayan villages. The primary aim of this program is to encourage students to consider medical evangelism as a valid avenue of service for their lives, either as a full time participant or as an active supporter.

Health Talents has sent students to Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic for this program. Typically, depending on the number of sites available in a given year, 10-12 students are selected nationwide. Preference will be given to those university students who are juniors and seniors and members of the Church of Christ.

Our 2024 dates will be May 18-July 1. The cost of the program is $2000 which includes lodging, food, emergency evacuation insurance, in-country transportation and orientation materials. The round trip flight is an additional cost. Students should anticipate flight costs between $800-1200.

For a peek at what the MET experience is like follow the link below to our MET video.

Health Talents also provides independent internships on a student by student basis. These internships are limited to students who are proficient in Spanish or are able to include Spanish school in their plans before joining our programs. All interns requesting an independent internship must have a sponsoring church of Christ. For more information on independent internships or to request an application please contact or