Health Talents International

July 31 - August 7, 2004

By Rick Harper

Our team consisted of Amy Coleman, Dr. Lee Coleman, Rick Harper, Benjamin Hobbes, Lera Hobbes, Miriam Hobbes, Pancho Hobbes, Rachel Hobbes, Rebecca Hobbes, Bill Kittrell, Martha Ann Kittrell, Amber Martin, Connie Pyles, Erin Pyles, Albert Stroud, Jr., RN and Austin Taylor.

The Hobbes family had arrived at Clinica Ezell on Friday, but the remainder of eye surgery team left Guatemala City at 5:00 Sunday morning, August 1 and made the two hour trip to Clinica Ezell. The volcano, Pacaya, impressed everyone with her steady stream of smoke and ash as we made our way along the coastal highway. Upon arrival, we unloaded supplies, readied the operating rooms for surgery and then paused to go across the street and worship.

Pancho Hobbes delivered the message that morning as we embarked on truly special week!

The Montellano Church of Christ sits directly across the street from Clinica Ezell. Four years ago, this church family did not exist, yet that morning the angels rejoiced. We walked down the highway following morning services and were treated to another sermon by our Director of Evangelism, Baldemar Ruiz, before this sister was added to the LordâÂÂs body. A good old fashioned, down by the river baptism!

You may recall the story that the Montellano church came to be when thirteen construction workers were converted to Christ during the building process for our facilities. Only God can turn a construction project into a mission field!

Following the baptism we ate a quick bite and began to see patients. One by one our patients were brought in for surgery prep and a period of prayer in their native language of Spanish or Quiche. Meanwhile, our trip chaplain, Pancho Hobbes, shared the gospel with waiting family members.

Six patients had their sight restored that first day and another thirty-six throughout the week. God was glorified and his healing hand was manifested in the care given.