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Our Christian University Spring Break teams are closed to outside participants.

2017 Mobile/Surgical Dates
Jan 14-21- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Jan 26-Feb 1- Nicaragua Mobile Medical/Dental
Feb 11-19- Guatemala GYN/Plastic SUrgery
Mar 4-11- Guatemala Harding PA Trip (Closed Group)
Mar 10-18- ACU Spring Break (Closed Group)
Mar 11-18- Guatemala Eye/Ortho Surgery
Mar 25-Apr 1- Guatemala Gen/GYN Surgery
Apr 29-May 6- OC Summer Break
May 6-13- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Jun 3-10- Guatemala ENT/General/GYN Surgery/Pediatric Urology
Jul 15-22- Guatemala Eye/General Surgery
Aug 5-12- Guatemala General/Plastic Surgery
Sept 2-9- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Sept 27-Oct 2- Guatemala Mobile Medical/Dental
Oct 7-14- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Nov 11-18- Guatemala Eye/General Surgery
2018 Mobile/Surgical Dates
Jan 13-20- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Jan 25-31- Nicaragua Mobile Medical/Dental
Feb 10-18- Guatemala GYN/Plastic Surgery
Mar 10-17- Guatemala Eye/Ortho Surgery
April 14-21- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
May 5-12- Guatemala General/Urology Surgery
June 2-9- Guatemala ENT/General/GYN Surgery
July 7-14- Guatemala Eye/General Surgery
Aug 4-11- Guatemala Pleastic/General Surgery
Sept 1-8- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Sept 26-Oct 1- Guatemala Mobile Medical Dental
Oct 6-13- Guatemala General/GYN Surgery
Nov 10-17- Guatemala Eye/General Surgery

If you'd like to take part in one of these clinics, contact Julie Obreg​ón at