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The mission of Health Talents is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and healing ministries.



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2011 Trip Schedule


Sept 3-10 - Gen/Gyn Surgery

October 1-8 - Gen/Gyn Surgery

Nov 2-7 - Mobile Medical/Dental

Nov 19-26 - Eye Surgery


2012 Trip Schedule


Jan 14 -21 - Gen/Gyn Surgery

Jan 26-31 - Nicarauga Mob/Med

Feb 4-11  - Gyn/Plastic Surgery

March 10-17 - Eye/Ortho Surgery

 April 14-21- Gen/GynSurgery

June 2-9 - Gen Surgery

July 4-9 - Guate Mob/Med

July 14-21 - Eye Surgery

Aug 4-11 - Gen/ENT/Plastic

Sept 1-8 - Gen/Gyn Surgery

Sept 29-Oct 6 - Gen/Gyn Surgery

Nov 7-12 - Guate Mob/Med

Nov 11-18 - Eye Surgery







Health Talents is all about providing good health...both in body and spirit.  Many of our success stories are about the medical realm, but today's story is different.  Through the experience of Dr. Lisa and Kemmel Dunham, we are able to share with you the story of the baptism of a Mayan priest.  How good is that?  Read on to see how God's glory can be realized even if your life has been spent in pagan religion.  No, wait...maybe especially if you spent your life away from Him!

Former Mayan Priest accepts gospel

 Josefina & Grandparents 

Tomas is one of HTI's health promoters who works with Dr. Lisa and Kemmel.  He lives in Mactzul V and attends one of the fastest growing Churches of Christ in the area. It has doubled in size over the last few years. This church is involved in many ministries and the members spend much time visiting families and praying with them. They have started a youth program, children's program and a tutoring program for kids who are not doing well in school.  


Tomas told this story that began a while back.  Juana Yacon, a young lady from the community, came to the clinic at the Mactzul V church because she was having some problem with her eyes.  After the clinic visit, where she experienced both medical treatment and prayers for her by church members, this young lady was healed.  She later began attending church and was baptized into Christ.  Her daughter, Josefina Silvia Leon Yacon, is now in the ABC program. She is pictured with her grandparents above.   


It turns out that Juana's father is a leader in the community and, as Tomas pointedly described him, "is kind of like a king." People respect him, and he drives many of the activities in his village, as well as the traditional Mayan religion. When his daughter, Juana, started going to church, he became interested and asked that men from the congregation come and speak with him about it. They did, but his attitude was to always mock the gospel and continue his traditional practices.


On a recent Saturday the man asked the church men to come back once more to talk with him about the they did. This time, however, he accepted the gospel of Christ and said he was ready to change his life.  He stated that he had been in the world and had been a Mayan priest his entire adult life, but had come to realize that it had not given him the answers he wanted.  He said he now realized that the one answer is Jesus Christ. He came to church the next day with his family and after yet another meeting, stated that he wanted to be baptized for the remission of his sins.  He then said that he had not been able to sleep well for some time and would wake up constantly feeling anxious, but the night before (after having made the decision to accept Christ) he "had gone to sleep and did not wake up until morning!" 


What a powerful testimony!  The church had shown him an example of hope and peace than can only come from our Father in heaven.  Please continue to pray for this man and his family as they start a new life in Christ.  Also, rejoice with the church in the example they have shown in their community and to all of us. 


The "rest of the story" is yet to come. When people started to hear that he was going to the church, it left everyone speechless! We expect that through his example...many others may follow.    



Dental patient with eye prob

Dental Patient Needed Eye Surgery 


HTI has many different ministries, which all seem

to be interrelated.  Sweet  little Susan Velasquez visited Dr. Silvia's dental office last month.  Dr. Silvia could not help but notice the child's shy and uncertain demeanor, and when she looked directly at her, she saw why.  Susan's eyes were badly crossed. Silvia's heart was filled with compassion...and hope!  She knew that an HTI eye surgery team was busily at work in Clinica Ezell at that very moment, right next to the dental building.  She knew that the visiting eye surgeons could fix Susan's problem, so she quickly made arrangements for Susan to see an ophthalmologist for evaluation and surgery.  Fast forward a month.  Little Susan walked into the dental office again, but this time with a pep in her step!  Her mother expressed great gratitude for the HTI ministry and the difference it has made in their lives and for the future of little Susan.



Notice:  Trip Fee Increase

Due to the weakening of the U.S. dollar against the Guatemala quetzal, we are forced to increase our trip fee by $50.  That makes the new trip fee $650 (beginning in 2012).  This will ensure a continuing unlimited supply of tortillas for you!


Critical Staffing Need: 

  • Anesthesiologist for the Oct 1-8 surgery team 


Interested?  We hope so!  Call Julie Wheetley at 615-397-5447 for more details.



Activities of Note:

  • Sept 3-10...Gen/Gyn Surgery
  • Oct 1-8...Gen/Gyn Surgery
  • Goyo Neito will be conducting a Men's Leadership seminar the week of October 17-20 in the highlands.
  • Javier Leon will be conducting a Men's Leadership seminar the week of October 10-14 at Clinica Ezell.


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