Charles E. and Lois Bates Scholarship Program

The purpose of this scholarship fund is to encourage Christian men and women in Central America to become qualified as licensed health care providers, e.g., doctors, nurses, dentists, technicians, etc. The fund will pay the costs of a university education and living expenses in their home country for qualified students in Central America. Upon graduation, they will serve with Health Talents, one year for each year of scholarship, to meet the health care needs of their fellow countrymen.

The average annual cost for a student is approximately $4,000. This covers the cost of tuition at a public university, books and miscellaneous education expenses, and food and lodging if the student doesn't live at home.

HTI currently has six Bates scholarships. One Bates scholar named Noe Chan completed his first year of physical therapy training and for the first time, we have a student pursuing a degree in psychology. The summary for healthcare disciplines is: Three in dental school, two in medical school, two in nursing school, one in physical therapy and one in psychology.

Drs. Nehemias Yes and Nidian Patricia Poz have both graduated from the Bates program and are now full time employees of HTI seeing as many as 120 patients each week.

Nidian Patricia de Levia

Nehemias Lopez Yes

We have two Charles E. and Lois Bates scholars in dental school, Aura has completed her formal classroom education and will finish her year of government service in 2014 and Manuela Tambriz will finish her fifth year in 2014.

Aura Marina Alvarez Osario

Manuela Tambriz

Sherman Scholarship Program

The Sherman Scholarship was named in honor of the many years of dedicated service by Magda and Steve Sherman to the people of Guatemala. It is designed to provide opportunities for former ABC students and others in the church in Guatemala to attain a higher education. The Sherman Scholarship is different from the Bates program in that students do not have to major in medically-oriented topics. By supporting children in their educational pursuits, we hope to help them break the cycle of poverty that has enslaved so many Christians and results in poverty-stricken churches. Twenty students have been awarded Sherman Scholarships for 2014.

Our Sherman scholars now number more than a dozen each year and their studies cover a wide range with current students studying agriculture, communications,computer technology, mechanics and teaching.

Lester Aguirre (Computer Technology)

Alex Yacon (Mechanics)

Elsa Chinol (Teaching)

Bennie-McDonnel-Strawther Nursing Scholarships

A scholarship program for nursing students has been endowed in honor of the Bennie, McDonnel and Strawther families. One recent graduate from this program, Marta Velasquez joined HTI full time in 2013 as a Nurse Health Promoter. There are currently two students supported by this scholarship.

Marta Valesquez